My People (Photographic Essay)



The theme of this photo was “My People”. When I first thought about this topic, I wanted to include pictures of my family. I come from a large family.  I am one of eight children. But instead of including regular pictures of my family, I wanted something special. I wanted to capture my family and friends supporting the University of Michigan. Being the first to attend a four-year university, graduating is going to be a big deal. My family and friends have stood by me throughout my entire college career. I wanted to essay to be in honor of their support.

None of the following pictures have been altered in any way.


I chose to order these pictures chronologically to tell a story.

ImagePicture 1:


My best friend, Kelly, took this picture on the first home game of my senior year. The focus is on the reflection in my glasses. I love how the crowd is blurred in the background but their presence is still known.

ImagePicture 2:

I’m really not sure who took this picture but I like the way there is a sort of tilt. The tilt adds emphasis to the way we are staggered in our standing. I chose this picture because each weekend with these ladies was one to remember. We screamed cheers together and heckled the opponents.

ImagePicture 3:


This picture is of my two-year-old nephew. I like the contrast in this picture with the shadow creating a defining, leading line behind his head. The fact that he’s off center also adds emphasis to his pose.

ImagePicture 4:


This picture was taken after I came home from being away at school for a long time. This picture was a genuine; “Hey, girls I miss you” photo.  I was really excited to see them so I told them to pose for me. I wanted to capture the moment; I wanted it to look homey.

ImagePicture 5:


This picture was taken over Christmas break although it seems very sunny. That is because Denard and I were in his hometown of Deerfield Beach, Florida. I wanted to capture how goofy we are, mostly me, in this picture. I love the way the sunshine casted a reflection that created a defining line over our chests; perhaps pointing to the love in the picture.

ImagePicture 6:

This picture is of my best friend Kimaya. This was taken when we were out at happy hour during Restaurant week. I chose this image because it’s kind of cool how everything seems dark around her but her but we were in a restaurant full of people. The blurred effect captures the craziness of our relationship.

ImagePicture 7:


This is my little sister Joy. My parents tell me that she looks and acts most like me. She made this shirt at school and she was so proud. She wanted all of her friends to know that her big sister goes to the University of Michigan.

ImagePicture 8:


This is my nephew, again, at church. He’s in full Michigan gear. His parents dressed him in a jersey to support Denard at the Combine. The patterns in the floor add to the cool angle at which this picture was taken.

ImagePicture 9:


Denard wanted to wear this shirt to Buffalo Wild Wings one day. I was embarrassed at first but I also have one so I’ll be wearing it soon. I love the reflection on the table. It emphasized the word “forever”.

ImagePicture 10:

I had to end this essay with this picture. Kelly and Denard. They are a mess separately and even messier when they get together. I captured this in class because they were matching. It is a contrasting picture while comparing the two.


Sundae Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

So basically after this week I think I’m a photographer! Can I have that? Probably not! But any who, this week in photography was very fun!

In class we worked on our class project and apparently I creeped Brian out before I “minimalized” his actual beard.

Outside of class we were given the task of taking seven shots (pictures not drinks):

  • Extreme Close-Up
  • Universal Theme
  • Self-portrait
  • Contrast
  • Something’s Shadow
  • Something Ugly
  • A portrait