Daily Create (Friday)

20 Uses For A Banana

Written by Courtnee on January 18, 2013 1:28 pm
1. Fake Telephone
2. Substitute for unhealthy snack
3. Banana pudding
4. Banana nut bread
5. Glue
6. Excuse to eat chocolate
7. In cereal
8. To Throw at roommate 
9. Pretend to slip on 
10. Make a hat
11. Throw at bad stage act
12. To feed monkeys at zoo
13. To attract fruit flies
14. Baby food
15. dried with nuts
16. to make a mess
17. in a muffin
18. to make a banana split
19. as a microphone for Gwen Stefani's Hollerback Girl
20. to shoot at target

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