Thank you Michael Wesch

It’s funny that in almost all of my classes I zone out and log onto social networks like Facebook and Twitter but now that I’m in a class that actually allows me to do this (minus Facebook), I kind of don’t want to. This video, especially Michael Wesch’s intro to why he started doing this, made me realized that I am one of those students who hate school but love learning. I feel that we only go to school to get the knowledge to work a 9-5 the rest of our lives but I would rather just learn things I feel relevant to what I want to do and apply it as needed. This video really made me think deep about the past four years I’ve been here at the University of Michigan. Have I really learned what I should or did I just take the required classes just to get by? Thank you Michael Wesch.


One thought on “Thank you Michael Wesch

  1. That “schools vs. learning” note really got a lot of people talking and blogging. I feel like Wesch really hit the nail on the head (the video is already six years old, I think, which is also amazing).

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