RE: “Branding in the Digital Age” & “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?”

“Branding in the Digital Age”

I believe that the digital age has indeed helped when it comes to the relationship between companies and consumers; it has made marketing much easier. But this hinders marketing companies because social networking and the communication of consumers on Web 2.0 sites cut out the need for extra marketing from an outside company. 

Marketing companies play the role in introducing the product but once it’s out, the spread happens because of consumers communicating with others the Internet. If you look at the model below, even the method of marketing today seems like less work for the marketing company. 


“What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?”

In an age where your social networking profile has the ability to inform someone of your character is a scary fact. It’s scary when a person can be judged (some may say accurately) because of what they post on a blog or what they retweet or like on Twitter and Facebook.

Most people dont realize that any and everything they do on the Internet is there forever. Nothing is ever really deleted. 

As far as the issue presented in this article, I’m in agreement with the company that was “attacked” over the Internet. I would have had the same reaction because it would have been going too far to create online profiles just to respond to issues not voiced publicly. 

In my own case, I limit what I do on social networks. 

In my peer group most people hold accounts with: 

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • (some other type of blog)
  • LinkedIn

And out of all those mediums, people only “act” professionally on LinkedIn because they feel that’s the only site potential employers might search but in actuality they are looking deeper to find a person’s true behavior. 

Personally, my strategy is to be as surface as possible on social networking sites. I don’t give out too much information and I carefully post my ideas and thoughts. 


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