Weekly Summary (Sunday/Sundae)

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

  • Two Daily Creates

It’s interesting to check everyday, even if I’m not assigned to do an assignment. The idea of thinking outside of our daily scheduled homework assignments is very stimulating. It allows me to set aside my daily worries for a moment and just have some fun. Side note: I never realized how hard it would be to describe the sky without using colors because in a sense, the word “clear” is a color.

  • Michigan Radio Website

I’d never visited this site before so it was nice to find news from another source aside from the other that I check occasionally.

  • Two Harvard Business Articles

They were a little difficult to keep up with but I think I got the overall idea of the two articles: Social networking can be used for good and bad, it’s all in how much one allows to be publicly displayed.

  • Register Blog

It makes finding everyone’s post much easier.


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