Reply to This American Life: Valentine’s Day 2013

CC Flickr Fe Langdon

CC Flickr Fe Langdon

When I first began listening to this broadcast, I feared that I would lose focus so I brought up the transcript in another window to read along. But at the story continued I found myself focusing more on the audio. So I began to multitask.

What caught my attention was the introduction of the “Rumspringa” that the couple agreed to do for 30 days. As I was listening, I immediately inserted myself and my relationship into the equation.

I could relate to the Kurt Braunohler and his girlfriend. Not that I’d ever done anything like this. Maybe I would consider it, maybe not…definitely not! I think. But I could imagine myself having these same feelings.

It was interesting that they were competing against each other, that’s how my boyfriend and I would be. But I would be worried of so many things that could go wrong:

  • Pregnancy
  • Disease
  • Falling in Love with someone else
  • Not wanting to be together anymore
  • Not being satisfied with original relationship

I didn’t even notice that I’d been tuned in for almost 30 minutes. I couldn’t wait to listen for what happened next. I was shocked to find out that the couple decided to go past the agreed 30 days. It made me think that maybe they were only with each other because that’s all they knew. But once they were exposed to other things, they liked it more their own relationship.

I don’t believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder because with distance comes other distractions.

I’m so proud of myself for staying tuned in. After hearing the first act, I was excited to pay attention to the other three.

After watching Catfish I knew that Justin was being led on. I knew it!


Sundae Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

So far, I’ve listened to more radio this week than I have since being in college.

  • Response to Radio On

This reading was very vivid. I love the diary format because I felt that reading a book about radio would be boring. But the way Sarah Vowell wrote about radio, it captured my attention because she placed herself into the story. It was sort of an autobiography.

  • Vox Pop Recording

I went around asking people “What is something you always wanted to do?” Some of the responses were typical, others were very serious and unpredictable. I’m excited to see what we do with them in class.

  • Audio Create 1

This was interesting because I recorded this at work and when I played the audio back my boss was like “Courtnee, are you okay?”

  • Daily Create (Friday)

I had a ball with this one. We had a serious blizzard on Friday and all I could think about was summer. Think warm, feel warm right?

Radio On Response

CC Flickr CubaGallery

CC Flickr CubaGallery

In this book Sarah Vowell records her daily encounters with the radio beginning on December 31, 1995. When reading the introduction, the quote that stuck out was also the one that caught Vowell’s attention.

“You will never understand radio by listening to it” –Neil Strauss 

Since being in college, I rarely listen to the actual radio. But, I can remember the summer after my senior year in high school when that’s all I did. I was a professional radio contest winner. I would have 3 phones calling in at the same time to get through the station to win anything; it didn’t matter. I hated commercials but as one who wanted to go into advertising, I listened anyway. One commercial that stuck out was in the form of a public service announcement. The voice called for listeners to take action because the FCC wanted to shut down the station. Apparently,

  • there weren’t enough listeners
  • the station contract was about to expire
  • the content wasn’t worth fighting for

I didn’t really take it serious because I thought “what would the world be like without radio” but never did I think of satellite radio or internet radio. These mediums would take over and there wouldn’t be a need for radio stations in every city and state. There would be one broadcast and that’s it.

That’s a scary thought.

This book made me remember those good old radio days and since our discussion in class last week, I’ve tried listening to more actual radio.

Sunday Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

This week was bittersweet. I was excited to finish my video projects but sad that our video section has come to a close. I’m excited to see what comes next.

I watched this documentary before and this video was so interesting to me. The whole issue surrounding copyright protection and piracy is just so exciting to me. I would consider myself to be on the side of the artist when it comes to this debate.

  • “Project Beardfish”

I worked with Kelly to film our portion of the video, we have to wait until tomorrow to film the rest.

  • Rob Hess Video

I’m excited for his presentation! That video was hilarious! I had minimal respect for campus videos before watching this, now I don’t have any.

  • Video Projects

I  completed my final two videos and I was very proud of myself.

  • Daily Create: Monday

I took a picture of one of my favorite people from my favorite piece of technology.

  • Daily Create: Wednesday

I got four new charms for my Pandora bracelet for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  • Daily Create: Sunday

I was proud of the seafood feast I made. I love seafood.