Video Production Goals

Now that we are entering into the video production portion of the course, I’m both excited and nervous. I’m excited to see how much I can accomplish but I’m nervous because I’m sure others in the class have had much more experience in video production than I have.

Previous Experience

  • I’ve made mashups of videos or mini supercuts
  • I’ve replaced the audio from one video with that of another
  • I have basic skills within iMovie


  • I would like my work to flow in a manner that seems natural
  • I want my work to make sense regardless of the context
  • I hope to be able to create videos that convey exactly what message I want to convey




2 thoughts on “Video Production Goals

  1. Making videos that make sense regardless of context–videos that speak to an audience broader than simply the friends who will click on it through an FB link–is a great goal, and a difficult one, I think. From here it really comes down to storytelling–scene, character, plot, human impact–and figuring out a way to allow the technology to allow you to tell the kinds of stories where those elements are really compelling.

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