Sunday Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

This week’s readings and activities were very helpful, especially since I’m working on my own video.

  • Re: “Reality: A Hunger Manifesto”

Although hard to interpret, this piece was interesting. I could relate to the idea of wanting to relate to a piece of art work.

  • Daily Create: Retitle Movie Poster

I chose Lawless because I’d just watched it and poor Shia Labeouf, he was constantly getting into fights.

  • Daily Create: Desk Pattern Picture

I was at the laundromat when I took this picture and I’m sure people thought I was crazy but that’s ok.

  • Video Create: Foreign Phrase

That phrase got me through the three tough semesters of French here!

  • Re: “How to Read A Movie”

As I stated in my response, it is hard for me to truly enjoy a movie because I’m always analyzing it. This reading only added more techniques to look for.


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