Sundae Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

So far, I’ve listened to more radio this week than I have since being in college.

  • Response to Radio On

This reading was very vivid. I love the diary format because I felt that reading a book about radio would be boring. But the way Sarah Vowell wrote about radio, it captured my attention because she placed herself into the story. It was sort of an autobiography.

  • Vox Pop Recording

I went around asking people “What is something you always wanted to do?” Some of the responses were typical, others were very serious and unpredictable. I’m excited to see what we do with them in class.

  • Audio Create 1

This was interesting because I recorded this at work and when I played the audio back my boss was like “Courtnee, are you okay?”

  • Daily Create (Friday)

I had a ball with this one. We had a serious blizzard on Friday and all I could think about was summer. Think warm, feel warm right?


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