Reply to This American Life: Valentine’s Day 2013

CC Flickr Fe Langdon

CC Flickr Fe Langdon

When I first began listening to this broadcast, I feared that I would lose focus so I brought up the transcript in another window to read along. But at the story continued I found myself focusing more on the audio. So I began to multitask.

What caught my attention was the introduction of the “Rumspringa” that the couple agreed to do for 30 days. As I was listening, I immediately inserted myself and my relationship into the equation.

I could relate to the Kurt Braunohler and his girlfriend. Not that I’d ever done anything like this. Maybe I would consider it, maybe not…definitely not! I think. But I could imagine myself having these same feelings.

It was interesting that they were competing against each other, that’s how my boyfriend and I would be. But I would be worried of so many things that could go wrong:

  • Pregnancy
  • Disease
  • Falling in Love with someone else
  • Not wanting to be together anymore
  • Not being satisfied with original relationship

I didn’t even notice that I’d been tuned in for almost 30 minutes. I couldn’t wait to listen for what happened next. I was shocked to find out that the couple decided to go past the agreed 30 days. It made me think that maybe they were only with each other because that’s all they knew. But once they were exposed to other things, they liked it more their own relationship.

I don’t believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder because with distance comes other distractions.

I’m so proud of myself for staying tuned in. After hearing the first act, I was excited to pay attention to the other three.

After watching Catfish I knew that Justin was being led on. I knew it!


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