Sundae Summary

CC Flickr Krissy

CC Flickr Krissy

This week in Design was very challenging. I’m very proud of myself. I think I’ve grown fond of the Lasso function on Photoshop. I used it a lot in my Design Creates.

I really enjoyed our in-class workshop. It was very helpful.

  • 4 Design Projects: Taxi Color Splash, Fat Cat, Porky Pig, TED Plankton 
  • Haiku Assignment: Summer field Head
  • Minimalism Reading and Blog Review: Space Jam
  • Albums Without Sound Analysis: Sea Fire “The Joke of The Century”  




Design Create: Porky Pig



  • I added the picture of the real pig
  • I added the picture of Porky
  • I hid the original picture
  • I used the Lasso function > Select > Inverse
  • I erased Porky’s background and resized it and placed it on top of the head of the real pig.

Design Create: Fat Cat


In order to create this piece, I chose this original Van Gogh.

  • I opened the file in Photoshop.
  • I searched Creative Commons to find this cat that was on a couch.
  • I hid the Van Gogh.
  • I placed the picture of the cat where I wanted it to go.
  • I used the Lasso function to outline the cat
  • I clicked Select > Inverse
  • Then I erased the background so that only the cat would appear and then made the Van Gogh visible.


Design Create: Fat Cat

Minimalism: Space Jam

William’s Four Basic Principles of Design

  • Contrast: avoid elements that are merely similar; make them very different.
  • Repetition: repeat visual elements of the design throughout the piece.
  • Alignment: every element should have some visual connection with another on the page.
  • Proximity: items relating to each other should be grouped close together.

On the blog I Can Read Movies I found this book cover interesting:


What is compelling about it?

I found this interesting because the movie was about aliens playing basketball and here in the cover, the basketball seems to be in outer space.

What does it make you think of?

It definitely makes me think of the movie.

How are the concepts in Williams’s book working (or not working) in these pieces?

Repetition, alignment, and proximity are all present in this piece. The circle is repeated to resemble the basketball. They circles are grouped together and it adds a great visual illusion.

Design Create: Color Splash Taxi


Color Splash Taxi

I chose to do this method because I always see pictures like this and wonder how it was done. I chose the taxi picture because this is the most popular type of color splash that I see.

  • Once I downloaded the photo from the creative commons site, I opened it in Photoshop.
  • I clicked the layer and duplicated it.
  • I went to Images > Adjustments > Black & White
  • After the picture was black and white, I clicked the eye on the original layer.
  • Then I selected the lasso tool and clicked around the the taxi I wanted to display in color.
  • I then used the eraser tool to erase the black and white layer and the color appeared.


Albums Without Sound Analysis

After perusing through the AlbumsWithoutSound site, here’s my analysis: 

I chose Sea Fire: The Joke of The Century 


  • What do you like about it?

The cover caught my attention because I am a huge seafood lover! I really like how the performing arts masks are placed on top of the bed of crabs. It’s very unique. 

  • What is compelling about it?

The realness of the cover is very compelling. It seems like a real picture rather than just another graphic. 

  • Talk about the composition

It seems to be composed of a pile of crabs and then the masks seem to be edited in. The use of shadows within the mask graphic is an attempt to make it appear to actual be there but it is still pretty obvious. 

  • about the typeface

I’m not to fond of the typeface. It not really eye-catching. The graphic around the font is what caught my eye. 

  • about the colors,

The lime green and black kind of throw off the flow of the picture 

  • about the relationship between the band name and the album title and the image and the design

The “Sea” and “joke” come into play with this album cover. The crabs represent the sea and the masks represent the joke aspect.