Response to’s “Women Hosted Podcasts”


CC Flickr State Library of Queensland, Australia

In this article, Julie Shapiro discusses the lack of Women Hosted Podcasts (WHPs).

According to the widely-used podcast-delivery phone app Stitcher, as of mid-February, 2013, out of the top 100 podcasts in their system, 71 are hosted by men (many by two or three men), 11 are hosted by women (of which three are just 60 seconds long), 9 are co-hosted by a man and woman, and 9 are either NPR or BBC news aggregation podcasts with alternating hosts and reporters, or it’s unclear who hosts.

(Shapiro, 2013)

I’ve only listened to a few podcasts, but from what I’ve heard, they are mostly hosted by men. I took these statistics and applied them to a form of audio-only broadcast that I am more familiar with: radio. Out of the radio shows that I listen to, none of them are hosted by women. If a woman does appear, she’s either a guest or labeled as “the sexy intern”. I never really thought about the lack of women on air until after I read this article.

The three points outlined by Shapiro made perfect sense. There is a lack of women hosts because:

  • most podcasts are about “guys things”
  • hosting shows are too expensive
  • their about ego

I do appreciate the call for action presented at the end of the article.


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