Audio Project One: First Date Gifts

Recording Equipment: iPhone 4s (Voice Memo App)

Editing Software: GarageBand

I conducted my interviews while walking across campus as well as in my art class. I prompted each interviewee as to what I would ask and then I recorded them responding. After gathering each response clip on in the Voice Memo App, I e-mailed them to myself so that I could retrieve them.

  • I downloaded each file and added it to my iTunes library.
  • I opened GarageBand
  • I clicked the music tab at the bottom right corner and dragged each memo onto the editing screen.
  • I cut out any useless dead space or unwanted audio
  • I grouped the pieces together first by setting up the question
  • I grouped those responses about flowers together and then added the “Roses” instrumental on top.

I had to make sure that my song wasn’t louder than the vocals so I made sure to adjust the volume of both tracks.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.04.46 PM


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