Albums Without Sound Analysis

After perusing through the AlbumsWithoutSound site, here’s my analysis: 

I chose Sea Fire: The Joke of The Century 


  • What do you like about it?

The cover caught my attention because I am a huge seafood lover! I really like how the performing arts masks are placed on top of the bed of crabs. It’s very unique. 

  • What is compelling about it?

The realness of the cover is very compelling. It seems like a real picture rather than just another graphic. 

  • Talk about the composition

It seems to be composed of a pile of crabs and then the masks seem to be edited in. The use of shadows within the mask graphic is an attempt to make it appear to actual be there but it is still pretty obvious. 

  • about the typeface

I’m not to fond of the typeface. It not really eye-catching. The graphic around the font is what caught my eye. 

  • about the colors,

The lime green and black kind of throw off the flow of the picture 

  • about the relationship between the band name and the album title and the image and the design

The “Sea” and “joke” come into play with this album cover. The crabs represent the sea and the masks represent the joke aspect. 


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