Minimalism: Space Jam

William’s Four Basic Principles of Design

  • Contrast: avoid elements that are merely similar; make them very different.
  • Repetition: repeat visual elements of the design throughout the piece.
  • Alignment: every element should have some visual connection with another on the page.
  • Proximity: items relating to each other should be grouped close together.

On the blog I Can Read Movies I found this book cover interesting:


What is compelling about it?

I found this interesting because the movie was about aliens playing basketball and here in the cover, the basketball seems to be in outer space.

What does it make you think of?

It definitely makes me think of the movie.

How are the concepts in Williams’s book working (or not working) in these pieces?

Repetition, alignment, and proximity are all present in this piece. The circle is repeated to resemble the basketball. They circles are grouped together and it adds a great visual illusion.


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